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1. Got the lead out is an old expression that means that a person (or group of people) hurried up., as if they had lead in their pants, pulled the lead out so they could run faster or whatever... and finally hurried up.
2. Once the runner got the lead out he went up from last place to third place. Like he was running for his life. What a comeback, it was AMAZING!
#slow #slow down #hurry #hurry up #get a move on #move it #hustle up #gas it #hit it
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. Going to the races means that you are in a really big hurry to get somewhere. Like you got the lead out, hit the gas, got a move on, put it into overdrive, sped up, etc...
Tina and I sat behind this guy who was texting on his phone at the stop light, the light turned green, and Tina yelled out the window to him that it doesn't get any greener! Then the dude was ballsy enough to flip her off after he finally gassed it like he was going to the races. What a jerk-wad! Tina was pissed.
#get a move on #hurry up #sometime today #ballsy #bad driver #flipping off #texter #text freak #text-o-motive #text-o-mobile #got the lead out
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. "It doesn't get any greener!" is what you can yell out the windows at a person who is oblivious to the green light in front of them.

2. Basically it is saying to that person GET A MOVE ON!!!!!!

3. A "Green Light" is green, and it does NOT get any greener than green - it's a "no-brainer."
1. I waited for this moron in front of me to go at the green light, and s/he just sat there. So finally I got pissed off and honked my horn and yelled out the window to them that: "It doesn't get any greener!" Then s/he chirped their tires and made like s/he was going to the races GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Stupid iggit!

2. My four year old son knows what a GREEN light is! But nooooooooo does the person in front of me?!?!?! I am about to develop severe road rage here! I mean man, it doesn't get any greener"!
#driving #bad driver #road rage #iggit #moron #stupid #annoying #pathetic #drivers ed #new driver #idiot
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. A "twist-tie", "twisttie" "twistie" pronounced either "twist tee" ,or "twist tie" is a short version of the words "twist tie", which is a piece of wire wrapped in paper (back in the good ole days) or on plastic. It is used after you twist a loaf of bread in the plastic wrapper - the twisttie is bent around the part where you spun the bread bag and where the bag is all twisted together in a tight "twist". Twistties (plural of twisttie) come in many colors, lengths, and widths.

2. Another fun use for this word, and it's derivatives is to use them in tongue twisters (pun intended). Hehehehe!
1. He took the twisttie and tied up the bread bag with it so that it wouldn't come undone; this kept the bread fresh for us.
#twisttie #twist tie #twist tee. twisttee #twistee #twistie
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
1. "Common sense" is something that is no longer "common"; it may have been bred out by rednecks, white supremacists, haters, or plain old "common folk". Maybe it is just ignored as an attempted stand against authority, maybe it is a product of anti-evolution, an anti-sensible change brought about by genetically inept breeding.
EX: Lacking common sense is exemplified by kids run around with sharp scissors or knives, walk in the middle of the road and FULLY EXPECT you to move out of their way - as if the sidewalk needs to be defined on this site before they can figure out that it is to be used by them, and that VEHICLES use the road, stupid parents that don't care, and don't care to know where their kids are lack common sense, drinking and driving. buzz driving, playing Russian Roulette, acceptance of Ebonics as a dialect or urban language is due to a lack of common sense by those who decided it was easier to give up than to teach their students properly, etc... The list goes on and on...

EX 2: It used to be common sense to do a courtesy flush but now when you walk into a bathroom stall (stall) you can't even breath b/c some iggit dropped a bomb sized turd into the toilette and did not flush it. Common sense is something that used to be prevalent in society, as a whole, but through time has diminished greatly for whatever reason.

EX 3: A great example of the lack of common sense is some person looking this definition up as "common cents", as I have heard it referred to, and ironically, I have seen it spelled that way.
#common sense #common cents #common scents #no-brainer #dumbass #iggit #idiot #numbskull #thick-headed #redneck #red-neck #white trash #ebonics #racist #racists #white supremacy #white supremists #hater #haters
by IrishDaddy2U April 18, 2010
1. It is a nickname for someone named Todd.
Hey! I saw Toddly the other day, and he had a cold Toddy in his hand. It was freakin' 100 degrees out! I think he was hot, I sure was sweaten bullets. Hey! LOL! Does that make him a "Hot Toddy or a Hot Toddly?" My wife Patrice said he was a Hottie with or without the high temperature. Hmmm? I wonder if Patrice has the hots for that Toddly? She said he's a hottie more than once. Nah, Todd's a kewl dude and my wife ain't no cheat. It's all good! Besides Patrice is MY Hottie and I don't share.
#todd #toddly #hottie #kewl dude #kewl #cool #cool dude #hot toddy #cold toddy #it's all goot #it's all good #its all good #its all goot #sweaten bullets #freakin'
by IrishDaddy2U April 18, 2010
1. A "Texto-motive" is what a "Chain texter" drives to and from here and there. They THINK it is just another mobile device to be used to get a signal for texting. It is really a car, a truck, an SUV, a Semi, a Humvee, whatever... But they are so much of a text addict that they think of it as only another place to text.

2. "Text-o-mobiles" are the equivalent to a text-o-motive vehicle.
1. Man! If you paid as much attention to your driving as you do to your darn phone, your points wouldnt cost you so much per car insurance payment, b/c you wouldnt have so many accidents - you "Text addict'!

2. The lady in the left lane sat there FOREVER when there was a green arrow, no matter how much people were honking at her; she thought she owned a "Text-o-motive", or something. How annoying! My wife wanted to get out and give her a proper beat down!
#text #texting #text-o-mobile #text freak #text addict #car accident #dumb driver
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
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