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1. Short for: Bull Shit talk.

2. BS talk is when someone (usually drunk, or a liar, or BOTH) talks shit about someone else, some made up BS story, Beer talk, tough man talking, etc... When those people do this, it is always NEVER going to happen, could not happen, or never DID happen. It's a lie, or a dreamed up idea, a scheme, or an idea that would fly like lead balloon.
1. John sat there and did nothing but BS talk ALL NIGHT LONG! You'd think after he had 3 40s that he'da passed out!
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. A texter who cannot (really WILL NOT) put down their phone b/c they think that they must always text.
1. Jan sure is a Text Junky. She couldn't even buy food for her kids; because she just put another $300 down on the cell bill. Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. In the USA - Doin' is simply short slang for the word "doing." It may be used in many ways, but the jist of how it is used is practically the same.
Hey Boy! What are you doin' over there behind the shed? Come outta there before I shoot ya fulla holes!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
1. When a woman spills all over; it means that she is/was VERY sexually pleased that she came so hard and so much that it just spilt out, gushing all over. In other words, you just gave her a six lip smile.
I Love when we are intimate and she spills all over me; it drives me nuts!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
1. He took a lickin' means that he really got beat up by someone else.

2. He had the shyte kicked outta him.

3. Mark Twain like words meaning that someone was beat with a razor strap, or belt.
2. After they got done with him, he could hardly stand because the beat him nearly to death.

3. Huck Finn said: "Tom if you don't gitt that done your Aunts be liable to make ya took a lickin'!"
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
1. When someone or a group of people are cracking up they are laughing hysterically, non-stop, and they might even be laughing so hard that they are crying b/c it is so funny.
Did I tell you what happened the other day? This woman was in the elevator with me and Tom, and she farted. Dude! it was an SBD! You could barely hear it, but I knew it wasn't me, and Tom looked at the lady in front of us - like eeeeeeew! I couldn't wait to get out of that elevator; it was so bad that it burnt the hair in my nostrils! We were cracken up about that all freakin' day! I still can picture her hahahaha! TFF!
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
1. A "Chain Texter" is a person who can NOT stop texting. They text in the bathroom, the bedroom, the car while driving the wrong way down a One-way street, anywhere they have a phone signal they text text text.

2. It's basically the same thing as being a Chain Smoker; but they don't have patches for Chain Texters - that's what "Dead Zones" are, patches to a chain texter LOL! TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT (stretch and crack their fingers) TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT!

3. A Chain Texter goes NUTS when they cannot send or receive a/any text message(s).

4. Sometimes it's the iggit in front of you at a light who is more into the texting than s/he is into paying attention to driving and being safe; thus causing road rage with others (as if the Chain Texter is innocent). Causing vehicle accidents - trees do not text, they are ANTI-Chain Texters!
Chain texters cause our car insurance rates to go up, and laws to change b/c of their own stupidity that creates vehicle accidents, near calls, or near misses. Therefore we the NON-Chain texters have to pay more for our insurance rates b/c of the lamers thinking that there vehicle isn't a locomotive means, but that it is a Text-o-motive means to get from here to there.
1. Look around the next time you are out and about, see who is and is not texting.

2. You may know or BE a Chain Texter; but where is Chain Texters Anonymous? Is it really that important, seductive, or addictive? Come on, put the darn cell phone down for an hour; you will NOT die!
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010

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