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A phrase of pure enjoyment of things. Either sicko-ish or scary-ish.
Wowza, josie was scary
by InedibleBird January 27, 2003
1. A Lifelike creature that is relatively strong in some cases, but really pall.

2. A subject that covers History and Astronomy.
1. Wowza...Look at that Histronomy crawling around my leg.

2. I think I'm going to take Histronomy AP.
by Inediblebird February 13, 2003
A small device capable of destroying an entire ant colony.
"AhhHHHHhhh, the boy has a Landilion!!!" yelled a worker ant.
by InedibleBird April 01, 2003
One who sux0rs or is a n00b at Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, etc. And One who makes a fool out of him/herself.
Wow, Look at that smackidiotard Counter-Terrorist, He doesn't know how to defuse a bomb with 10 seconds left. He keeps on pressing the Flashlight button, but not the use button.
by Inediblebird February 13, 2003
The Oriental phrase for "Okay."
Otay mom I will go to bed as soon as I start my big project that is due tomorrow.
by InedibleBird March 03, 2003
something that is either believed fictionaly or irrational
Hey, steve needs to say more Superficial lines.
by InedibleBird January 27, 2003
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