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a pathetic man who repeatedly tries to be a father figure to his kids (of any age) through MSN Messenger or the like, but is unsuccessful.
MSN Dad: "son i told you lasttime i dontwant yuo to sware so muhc"

Son: "man **** that **** im outta here" *offline*

by IEATRICE December 03, 2007
A boring conversation between 2 or more participants. Conversation is boring to the point of seeming robot-like. Other signs of a tronversation are canned responses and/or monotone speaking.

Jesus: "Hi."
Camilo: "Hi."
Jesus: "How was your weekend?"
Camilo: "It was ok."
Jesus: "Good.
Camilo: "Yes. Good."
Jesus: "My weekend was ok.
Camilo: "No one asked you."
Jesus: "Oh. I just didn't want to start a tronversation.."
Camilo: "Get back to work."
Jesus: "Ok."
by IEATRICE March 24, 2009
A gym going male, of any age, who exercises only the body parts seen in the front of the body, such as the chest and biceps. In a single workout, each body part exercised consists of about 10 sets and the repetitions range from 5-8. One usually wears some sort of muscle shirt or t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. They often hit the gym at peak times and also before going to a club or bar. Flexing these select muscle groups in front of the mirror at the gym is a common ritual.
Girl: "Hey look at that guy over there; I see him all the time only working out his chest and bi's..."

Guy: "Yea hes a FrontBoy"
by IEATRICE January 28, 2008
The ability and/or capacity to handle balls.

Context can be literal, as in for sports or sexual in nature.
Milhouse: "How'd it go with that chick last night?"

Camilo: "Well I pushed her out of the car after she refused to play ball in the back seat. But that hooker last night had great ballbility."
by IEATRICE October 12, 2009
Flat-out blatant lies.
Billy: "I swear man, I was just calling your girlfriend to see what homework was due for tomorrow!"

Camilo: "BLIES!"
by IEATRICE July 15, 2008
A synonym of the word "weak", symbolizing the submissive, pre-pubescent weakness of the character Milhouse, from The Simpsons.

Use is similar to the word "fail" in describing objects, people, events, or qualities.
Example 1:

Lenny: "Two years ago I couldn't bench press my own body weight."

Carl: "That's because you were a Milhouse."

Example 2:

Lenny: "My mom only put one slice of turkey in my sandwich..."

Carl: "Your mom makes your lunch? That's Milhouse...and your sandwich is Milhouse too."

Example 3:

Lenny: "I completely forgot all the dating tips you gave me when I approached her so I choked and couldn't ask her out."

Carl: "That's cuz you're a Milhouse!"
by IEATRICE December 14, 2008
Sexual: a semi-unexpected, yet satisfying orgasm

Comical: a sudden outburst of loud, exploding laughter
I was banging Leyla's brains out last night and it was so good I just blursted in like 10 minutes!

by IEATRICE July 27, 2008

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