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a man usually with a very large penis
girl-"wow! look a that man's penis!"
girl 2-"his name must be Camilo"
by MaRrINaRRa June 02, 2007
One person who knows various Kung Fu forms and one day rule the world. SCARY AS FUCK.
1: Dude, who is that?
2: Thats Camilo. He's such a Camilo.
1: We should never get on his bad side.
2: Agreed. No racist jokes around him.
1: I would die.
by monkeysphink January 08, 2009
Just over all awesome beyond all else
dude: did you see that guy
dude2: yea he's such a camilo
girl: i want him
by liquidjeasus April 03, 2009
A very hot guy. He's nice and very attractive. You will only have one Camilo. He has a great personality and he's perfect. He is waiting to find the girl of his dreams

Yet Camilos a good guy, he is buttons could get pushed. When Camilo is angry try leaving him alone.

Camilo is a one of a kind. If he trusts you or likes you, you should be proud!🔥💦
"Damn he's hot"
"He must be a Camilo"
by Sdrizzle June 17, 2016
An oversized creature resembling a leperchaun. An ass. Someone who calls people sluts/whores/hoes, etc. cuz he's just jealous he can't get none.

plays video games excessively

has an obsession with guns
2 "you only say that cause you cant get any"
3 "you are such a camilo
by thecavetroll March 25, 2013
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