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Being in first place. Often times closely associated with unexpected first place performance.

Coined after Indian actor Vinu Mohan, who surprised the masses by receiving top honors for his first movie.
Sportscaster: And the rookie finishes in Vinu-Place again!! Who taught that kid how to drive a go-kart?!

Alex: Your little sister got more KOs than us using Yoshi?!
Linda: Looks like she's the one in Vinu-Place now!
by Homerspy January 26, 2011
(v) (gOO'g-ey)

Dirty South's version of Googling. The eh sound at the end makes it much easier to rhyme with and very convenient for updated "Back that Thang Up" remixes.
You'se know you luvs gravy, yeah,
Better Goog'e
Find out those ingredients, yeah,
recipes, yeah
by Homerspy December 06, 2007
A friend that you haven't met in person, who you text or online chat with as much as a best friend.
Whoah bro! Who's this Brenda character and why haven't you told me about her?! Looks like you guys text all the time!

Oh no killa! She's just my bext friend!
by Homerspy March 03, 2011
(n) (so-ro-shuhn)

A female of Asian heritage who has less knowledge of and retains less Asian culture than her white sorority sisters.
Sorosian Sally: Greg and I are watching Creed tomorrow!! I can't wait!!
Randi: Like...isn't it your country's Independence Day tomorrow?
Sorosian Sally: Whatever! That's my parent's country!! I know where it is on a map and that's it!
by Homerspy December 09, 2007
(n) (frey-shuhn)

A man of Asian heritage who is completely devoid of all his culture.
Frasian Greg's Uncle: Totemo ii Greg-san!
Greg: Ari-gate-oh dude!
by Homerspy December 09, 2007

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