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person of both french and asian background, tend to be fairly good looking as most mixed race people are and also charming.
your a frasian?? thats sexy;)
by kevin F T April 06, 2008
45 15
a person of French and Asian descent; possibly one of the most amazing race ever.
person un: Is the new girl French or Asian?

person deux: She's frasian. Duh.
by goofygoober69 June 02, 2011
16 1
A term used to describe a very fratty asian.
Bro: "Damn son, Dan is so fratty for an asian."

Other Bro: "Agreed total frasian."
by TheOGFrasian August 14, 2011
3 11
Gay asian kid from France. Though he may look asian he has a thick French accent. Frasians are known to have a fondness for animal porn, rice liquor, and young American Boys.
Hi I'm Frasian, do you wanna go back to my room, drink rice liquor and watch animal porn?
by Frasian69 July 10, 2010
12 20
(n) (frey-shuhn)

A man of Asian heritage who is completely devoid of all his culture.
Frasian Greg's Uncle: Totemo ii Greg-san!
Greg: Ari-gate-oh dude!
by Homerspy December 09, 2007
2 26
A person of french and asian descent. Cowardly and weak, they embody the weak traits of both groups.
My girlfriend dumped me for a frasian...I'm gonna kill myself.
by paul February 13, 2005
12 44