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Lesser known synonym for shitload, meaning very many, a whole bunch of or scads of.
That's a fuckload of gasoline you are using to get that brush pile started, Bubba...careful about that little bit you spilled on your cods.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
A lower gastro-intestinal distubance that creates a dilemma in the afflicted: Do I need a bucket of water or a shotgun?....Is that a fireball or a mountain lion coming out of my ass?
Sweetie, Quick! Bring me a drop cloth..I have explosive diarrhea.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
Skewed or sideways to, out of alignment.
Bubba, you got that manifold gasket in there all cattywumpus.
by harry flashman July 04, 2003
A turd.(Esp. an elongated turd with a tapered end)
Excuse me please, I have to go pinch a loaf.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
Mild blasphemy meaning "for Christs sake"
Oh criminy, I haven't taken my depro-provara for two weeks.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
The only race in the British Isles possessed of a full set of teeth and chromosomes.
You can tell an Englishman from a Welshman by his poorer dentition and narrower set eyes.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
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