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1. White stuff in citrus fruits.
2. piss pronounced with a lisp
I've got pith all over me.
Don't pith on the grath!
Are you taking a pith?
I'll pith on your faith!
by W. Churchill March 23, 2007
Piss with a lisp.

verb used to describe one urinating but pronounced wrongly through the mouth of a person with the speech defect known as Lispspspsps.
Daffy Duck - Im going for a Pith.

Bugs Bunny - Don't you mean piss?

Daffy Duck - Ye thats what i thaid.
by darkandmartyr July 19, 2009
Strength, Vigor! METAL!
Also meaning the core bit of a plant, pith is all about being into heavy metal and rocking out heaps and saying "FUCK" lots and drinking beer and screaming and guitars and drums and loud stuff
"fuckin BORG!!!" - Davd, from
by Will January 13, 2004
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