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An infatuation with flatulence.
Delbert loved to share his inflatuation with strangers in long lines at Wal-mart check-out counters and in long elevator rides.
by harry flashman August 14, 2003
Liking the smell of your own farts too much.
"Aww, dude, that's rank", said the girl, waving her hands back and forth. "It's not so bad, in fact, I kinda like it", replied Zach, who clearly had a bad case of inflatuation.
by TomSlick August 28, 2011
Involuntary or purposeful, passing of gas out of ones sphincter, at a sighting of an person one is attracted to
Every time my calculus teacher passes me in the hallway inflatuation happens, I cant help myself and let it rip.
by inflatuater December 13, 2013
Obsessed or overcome by noxious odors or flatulence.
By the time emergency responders arrived, it was too late as inflatuation had set in and all victims were unconscious.
by Larry Chair November 18, 2010

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