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Japanese gonorrhea.
Joshiro knew from the greenish-yellow discharge from his chimpo that he had the krap again.
by harry flashman July 27, 2003
A potted meat considered fine dining in Alabama when consumed in quantity with the resulting breath odor being much prized in attracting potential marriage partners; sometimes served at family gatherings with tragic results.
Jarleen, don't give DeWaine no vienna sausages for dinner until he finishes his homework conjugating them Latin verbs.
by harry flashman July 16, 2003
Intense physical retribution involving heavy bruising put upon a person in need of a life lesson in civility, politeness and manners.
Kenny King put an asswhuppin' on Larry.
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
n. a retard, dolt, idiot, moron
What an ortho!
by Harry Flashman June 28, 2003
The pernt of this lesson, gentlemen, is to enunciate words properly.
by harry flashman July 24, 2003
Bad breath
Oswaldo got breff.
by harry flashman July 08, 2003
What one perceives as God's word, which can be different things to people in a group but is known to be absolute fact to each individual.
When someone says they have religious truth remember this saying: "Follow him who seeks the truth; beware of him who has found it."
by harry flashman July 14, 2003

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