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German pronoun for '{formal}You'.
'Sie' is pronounced like 'zee'.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
A personal pronoun for a gender-neutral or transgendered person, similar to hir.
Sie asked me to pass the Mashed Potatos.
by KH2IsHere December 16, 2007
Short for "Self Imposed Exile" or the act of taking a break from fucking around, or being a player. The purpose being to cleanse your pallet, or sharpen your skills during a period of observation.
Dude, I can't hook up with anyone for 30 days. I am on S.I.E.
by mjc August 11, 2005
A common typo of the word 'die'. It is now common to the point where it is misspelled intentionally.
Don't lecture me with your twenty dollar hair cut, Goku sies!
by Johsee March 18, 2009
(interjection) it's like the word "sike!", but you only use it in serious situations.
(At a funeral)...Oh my gosh! The body is alive! He never died....sie!
by David January 08, 2003
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