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To speak in a pretentiously dogmatic manner; to preach.
Pontificate typically has a negative connotation but can be used positively as well.

"Allow me a moment to pontificate on the merits of good hygiene during flu outbreaks" said the school nurse.
#preach #lecture #sermonize #spiel #rant
by FatMermaid January 24, 2014
1. To have Diarrhea of the mouth.
2. Running your mouth.
3. Giving your 2 cents when it's non of your business.
4. Giving unsolicited advice and long opinions
**Rhymes with defecate.**
5. To defecate with your mouth on other people
Don't pontificate about other peoples mistakes! Your Diarrhea of the mouth gotta stop because running your mouth is gonna get you a fist sandwich
#running your mouth #noisy #pompous #arrogant #silence #shut up #holier than thou
by JJ JJ man April 09, 2013
pontificate to rant rave and other wise try to convise some one of your own pont with out careing if they are lising or not

the rantings of the phill god in all of his power of BS
the rantings of the phill god in all of his power fake knolage
by 2 beer queer May 20, 2005
to stomp with one's shoe
Mr. White Key pontificates arachnids.
#squish #squash #stomp #smush #smeer
by kimiandkristin December 26, 2010
to think at length on a subject and/or topic that requires mulling over
I'll have to pontificate on that.
#synonyms - cogitate #ponder #stew #reflect #& mull over
by Christina T April 05, 2008
To poop on the pope. Normally from a great height, such as a poop deck.
Billy pontificated on the body of Jean Paul II as his way of remembering the good times they had shared.
by O_P September 20, 2005

it means "to take a shit"
can also mean to spew shit or to be full of shit
by ^__^ June 28, 2004
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