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A combination of the words quick and fast. Meaning to move or achieve quickly.
"Woah man, that was quast!"
by Hank February 01, 2003
22 8
A rapid rate of speed not fast nor quick.
He was moving so quast out there.
by Aaron Shencopp June 08, 2007
8 2
The act of getting played by a co-worker. Set up for failure, and thrown under the bus on false info.
Joe: What the fuck dude, the boss just came up and said i broke the printer yesterday! I Wasnt even at work yesterday!

Bill: You got quasted
by Moroccan Bazaar August 20, 2010
3 1
quast is the word on the back of the giant truck that almost ran me over. Ever since quast has been used for the word "fuck"
Quast! that truck almost hit me! god quasting damn.
by mephisto June 03, 2003
6 5
The hybrid result of fast and quick. Usually used in times of uncertenty.

"My, that was 'Quast'."
by Spartan033 August 16, 2003
3 3