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A word with a very broad syntax of usage, generally indicating that something is great.
Music = Win
by H4Inf April 09, 2003
Typo on the word lol which occurs infrequently
(Random): lpl
(Random): err lol
by H4Inf April 09, 2003
A remote closed room for relaxation.
He proceeded to his den where he sat and read.
by H4Inf April 09, 2003
Slang for "then"
...den he sed to hand ova tha money...
by H4Inf July 11, 2003
Mis-spelling of the word "are" which often occurs online.
Music aer great ;)
by H4Inf April 09, 2003
Rolling On the Floor fucking Loudly.

To be used between parties who are each aware of the meaning. In the case that someone sees you using it, you may claim its a typo on ROFL.
How about a ROFFL tomorrow?
by H4Inf August 30, 2003
Generally similar meaning to suck.
See also: Yuo aer teh
Yuo aer teh surk!
by H4Inf April 09, 2003

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