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Typo on the word lol which occurs infrequently
(Random): lpl
(Random): err lol
by H4Inf April 09, 2003
120 36
laugh pause laugh.
When you're talking about someone and laughing about it and then the person walks by you pause and laugh again after they have passed.
Yesterday, when I was walking with Fallon we saw Laquisha and we totally had to pull an lpl because we were just talking about her.
by Emily LaRae February 24, 2010
75 45
An ironic response replacing lol on IM when someone misspells a word.
sOccErstAr811: ... til he said, 'that's no wombat! Thats my wife!'
uBern00ber: gagagaga
sOccErstAr811: lpl
by MrSquishyDBC April 25, 2008
39 35
1)A misspelled lol

2)Laugh Please Laugh:
A way to show others that wasn't funny
Friend: Telling a lame joke*

The Awesome One: lpl

Friend: Feeling awkward*
by Newbie, a.k.a. Nooby April 24, 2011
26 24
Laugh pussy laugh: Known as a typo for lol, but also a good way to cover up the typo with this bullshit excuse: To force someone to laugh at something you thought was funny, but they did not. Mostly yelled at the person. Sometimes harmful, physical action is necessary.
Guy: Hey babe check out this video on YouTube.

Girl: that's disgusting and I don't think that's funny.


Girl: eww no. Leave me alone.

Guy: I'll slap you so hard.

Girl: No you won't.


Girl: (Crying)

Guy: She shouldve laughed. (All shoulders)
by DukiChooss May 15, 2014
1 3
Lpl is laughing proposterously loud
It's in the dictionary now Greeeg.....Lpl
by Camswife August 30, 2013
6 8
"lpl" is renovation of the overly used acrynom of laghing out loud which by the way is over poplutated by every day who dont even think that what you are trying to say is funny, just want to give u a little attention. internet technicians aka nerds who use the internet everyday,use "lol" this must STOP! "lpl" provides an escape route which is caused by the to many l's and o's in one sentence...
lpl : laghing pretty loud
Sir fart-a-lot: What a fine evening.
your mom: LOL!!
Sir fart-a-lot: FUCK OFF YOU WHORE!!
Mr. rogers: lpl...
by CCZZARR!!! February 07, 2009
16 29