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A semi-polite way of admitting that you don't have a clue. Abbreviation for "I don't f***ing know."
Boss:"What's wrong with the coffee machine?"
by Gumby January 20, 2003
That disgusting clump of ice, snow and slush that accumulates under your car's fenders behind the wheels during the winter months.
Sometimes when you hit a good pothole it'll knock the fenderbergs of your car.
by gumby April 16, 2003
A nickname for a woman whose beauty is "God-Like".
I love my Dawnini!
Have you met my girfriend? She's Dawnini.
by Gumby December 23, 2004
A popular breakfast food item, especially in the southern U.S. Technically known as "Sausage Gravy and Biscuits." Someone who doesn't appreciate the finer things probably decided that it looked like something the "cat yacked-up" on a plate.
"I'm so hungry I could eat the north end out of a southbound skunk! Bring me full order of cat yack and a cuppa joe."
by Gumby March 31, 2003
a Hot and Sexy guy.
c'mon PETER KUNIN, lets play some MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!
by gumby June 01, 2003
A Bad Ass Reel Big Fish Song.
Rell Big Fish Kick Ass.
by Gumby July 31, 2003
When you still have all your hair you have a "forehead." As your hairline recedes this becomes a "6 head", an "8 head" or if completely bald, a "10 head."
I hadn't seen your brother for a couple years. He's got at least a "6 head" going on these days!
by gumby April 16, 2003

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