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The back and forth Love/Hate relationship women have with their female best friends
"What's up with Sarah and Alexis? Last week they were calling each other b****es and this week they're all Oprah and Gayle again."

"It's just part of the friendstrual cycle. Just roll with it."
by GrumpyDoc November 10, 2011
A penis that is pencil thin and short and therefore useless.
She saw his appendicks and rolled her eyes
by GrumpyDoc October 19, 2011
The process of prefixing everything with "Mc" to make it more popular.

E.g., McRib, McNuggets, McChicken....

Also, MC Hammer was a way better rapper before he changed it to just "Hammer."
"Instead of getting a sandwich made of ground up pig sphincters pressed into a rectagular pattie shape and slathered in rancid ketchup for lunch, why don't get get some McRibs instead?"

"I'm McLovin' It!"
by GrumpyDoc October 23, 2011
"I'm not pudgy/overweight/obese/jabba -- I'm 'naturally-toned'"
by GrumpyDoc November 24, 2011

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