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The greatest band in the world. If you not heard them your an idiot
by geezer August 22, 2003
To be of high quality
<Shaz> geezer you are rated <Mo> I know
by geezer October 26, 2003
A bowel movement. Shit.
I gotta take a nixon.
by Geezer December 04, 2003
To partake in foolishness
<Rob> dude wearing faded jeans is foolery of the highest order
<Mo> yeah tell me about it
by geezer October 29, 2003
A giver of crushing blows using the soles and heels of ones boots; One who steps on his opponent in a violent swift motion.
The scumbag learned the hard way what a stomper can do when he gave the skinheads trouble.
by Geezer December 06, 2003
Addicted to the Male sexual reproductive organs. Or can be used to decribe someone who cannot live without 'Cocks' and a lack of them will cause withdrawal simptoms such as sweating and headaches.
Nick Marron is such a Cock-O'Holic
by Geezer March 29, 2004
A female's pubic hair (of the groin) kept in an untrimmed fashion
"When I fucked your mum last night, my dick didn't get cold because she had a fuzzy muff."
by Geezer May 30, 2003
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