67 definitions by Gavin

To be close and intimate with a particularly "juicy" ladyhole.
I was just about to give her a jolly good cuntsnaffle, when in walked the butler!
by gavin April 26, 2005
bunch of pikey munters who take lots of ketamine
:got any donkey?
:go see the ketamine crew
by gavin September 17, 2003
Used to describe the action of making something extra strong.
My drink is being gavinized.
by Gavin March 08, 2005
A friendlier, more likeable version of a townie.
Goth: Is he likely to give us a beating?
More knowledgable Goth: Na we'll be ok hes a trendy
by Gavin May 15, 2004
A person who escapes from impossible situtations,
A person who is a dare devil
Woa! Gavin, your such a slipperyfish
by Gavin March 09, 2004
hegmonic power tool of the state.
law enforcer
then this pig scuffer cunt came up and took the milk off me.
by gavin September 27, 2003
To more than just own someone in a video game, own them extreme prejudice in skill, style, and score.
we s0wned them last game :P
by Gavin December 14, 2003
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