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One that is as cool as Leisure Suit Larry. Gets all the hot chicks and drives all the nice cars. One that has incredible charisma.
James Bond
by Gavin December 18, 2003
Wow! Look at the cachungas on that sweet momma!
by Gavin September 02, 2003
also known as the turd from atlantis ,to past a shit out of your ass only to find there isn't one in the bottom of the karsi
I thought i had a shit but it must have been a ghost turd
by gavin March 17, 2004
What someone says after they say "DEEZ NUTZ"
Tom- Hey, somethin came in the mail today.
Wife- What?
by GaViN May 14, 2015
An adjective for something, or someone, that is really crap.
"That is totally biesh!"
"Ya is da biesh"
by Gavin December 07, 2003
banal discourse that makes you want to throw up
they're like elastic bands but smaller and some have different colours
by gavin October 04, 2003
large pikey music system used to annoy the police and the upper-middle classes
the fucking pigs seized the rig
by gavin September 17, 2003

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