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adj. describing or related to the quality of masculinity displayed by a non-stereotypical gay man. Meant to be used in place of the term "straight acting".

Derived from "fey" or "fae" in the original senses of "wild", "untamed", "otherworldly" and "related to Faery" plus "virile".
"Tim's faerile grace was equally enchanting whether he was working on his car's engine or cooking breakfast."
by Ganymede April 26, 2006
n., a slightly more mature, urbane version of boypussy.
You need to get your manpussoir over to the gym before it gets any flabbier!
by Ganymede July 04, 2006
n., Los Angeles, especially when referring to the sex culture there.
Is Morrissey's time in Loose Angela coming to an end?
by Ganymede July 04, 2006
(n., sing.) {derived from boi and foible}

an indiscretion of a gay male nature that comes to light, causing one to lose credibility and/or status.
cf. Ted Haggard and Mark Foley for textbook examples

Haggard's ongoing three year liasion with a gay prostitute was a major boible.
by Ganymede November 08, 2006
Either one of the fontanelles, i.e. the "soft spots" on a newborn baby's head.
The neonatal specialist felt the baby's nibeem to make sure that the bones were fusing properly.
by ganymede June 22, 2006
adj. used to describe the texture of something which is rough, dry and parched to the point of cracking, like mud flats in a desert.
Her ancient serad face looked as if it could not withstand one more smile or frown.
by Ganymede August 14, 2006

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