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The most awesome girl in the world. Someone you have known for a long time and have secretly been in love with for what seems like forever, then she's yours and your the most lucky guy in the world and become a little too protective over her, but it's all good
Gabrielle is sexy!!!!!!
by Shaun55555 January 03, 2008
1) derived from the biblical character of a messenger angel gabriel
2) heavenly sweet, strong, and protective
3) heaven sent
4) amazingly attractive and beautiful
like Gabrielle Union, no need for further explanation
by i wish it was gabrielle August 19, 2007
someone who can fall in love very easily and hold on to it. knows what to do and when do it, knows what friends to choos. Shes faithful you wont be dissapointed
damn did you see gabrielle? i wanna get wif her!
by annomyus September 16, 2007
Noun. Someone who holds the name of Gabrielle is not a precarious person. She is most likely solid in what she does and is quick to find fault in others’ actions. She is wise, be it by book or by experience, and thus is a great person to talk to. A Gabrielle does not take crap from others. Because of this, she is quick with a comeback on almost every occasion. A Gabrielle is open to a range of food and activities, opening wide her range of friendships and relationships. But most of all, a Gabrielle is mysterious, and often unconsciously draws people to her in a casual yet magnetic fashion.
Gabrielle sees the lake in the distance each morning.

Upon closer inspection, Gabrielle's shirt had developed a hole.
by HelloTime January 03, 2010
Gabrielle is beautiful inside and out. She is a strong and wise woman who is always willing to help others in difficult circumstances. She shows empathy to others who face hardship. gabrielle is the life of the party, she knows how to have fun, but at the same time she knows when to be serious. She has a strong mindset, but also very fiery and can finish what she starts. Gabrielle is a talented young lady who attracts many good looking guys. she has a great, fun-loving and open personality and makes friends easily. When she loves, she loves with her whole heart and is faithful.
Gabrielle: WOMAN OF GOD
by Larryboy7 September 12, 2011
gabrielle she is the bestest in the world! =]amazing friend and makes everyone laugh,yehp, and shes hott! gabrielle rules
woop gabrielle is hott
by ummmmm somebody April 11, 2009
Shes amazing, beautifull, the best ever girlfriend material. Lovely to talk too. Always there for you. Really kind. Everyone likes her. Im jsut the lucky one who can have her :)
by Iloveher:) September 02, 2009
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