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Acronym for "fuck you bitch!"
Friend: Sorry, can't meet you tonight. Patricia and I are going to have sex, and, well, that's more important than you.
You: fyb!
by Geoff May 07, 2005
1. A beautiful, intelligent person who is the nicest person you will ever know.
2. Geoff's better half.
Girl, "If only I was as sexy as Bec"
Girl 2, "I wish I was as clever as Bec"
Girl 3, "Damn Bec has a hot boyfriend"
by Geoff March 01, 2005
A sloppy jalopy is a sexual act for partners very comfortable with each other. During fellatio, when the man is about to climax, he pushes the girl away, cums in his own hand and smacks the girl in the face with it. This is called a sloppy jalopy.
He gave me a sloppy jalopy. It was so romantic.
by geoff May 18, 2005
the only weed better than superman weed
the purple ribbon allstars are always on that kryptonite
by Geoff December 05, 2005
A comic published on the internet; for example, Penny Arcade or 8-Bit Theater.
I was reading my favorite webcomic when you interrupted me.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
above comparison
Carlton, where did you get that argyle pull-over, it is top drawer.
by Geoff June 04, 2003
Absolutely amazing metalcore band from Buffalo NY. Some of their songs include: Sentiments of You, Deprevity Waltz, A Threnody For Modern Romance..etc

If you like metalcore this is the band to listen too
I slam danced my fucking brains out when It Dies Today played A Threnody For Modern Romance live.
by Geoff January 13, 2005

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