118 definitions by GEOFF

a random saying to say when dont know what else to say
by geoff March 09, 2003
to say hi or sup, or to be exited
by geoff March 09, 2003
a female's breasts
oh snap that chicks got some monstrous golden orbs
by Geoff May 29, 2004
1. A gamer with elite skills in the catagories of gameplay exercised.
2. To be elite in a catagory of gaming.
Kommando is so leet in Half-Life mods.
voogru is absolutly kommando at ns_eclipse.
by Geoff August 25, 2003
formidable cs player
he pwns @ cs
by Geoff April 07, 2004
Like saying "What the hell?" or "What the fuck?" with softer language. Used in response to a completely random or inappropriate comment.
>It burns when I pee.
>>What the Jesus?
by geoff April 22, 2005
2. releasing something smelly out your bum
i just let out an ass biscuit
by Geoff May 30, 2004

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