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119 definitions by GEOFF

Mysterious internet user originating in the obscure PC Dev II chatroom of AOL circa 1997. Exhibits extreme antisocial behavior with bouts of suicide. Delusions of meglomania only reinforced by his insane computer skills.

Popularized the smiley face ":|", ";(", along with the meme "lol@u"

Also known as: reverend ine, drunkard ine (and others).
"inedag IM'd another girl today pretending to be a 20 year old college freshman"

"we call indecent exposure charges near a grade school 'inedags' in SoCal"
by geoff March 18, 2004
What the little ones call a penis.
"Mommy tell Alex to put away his pee nee"
by Geoff March 27, 2003
like kids these days but quicker
dang kids!
by geoff March 10, 2003
a random saying to say when dont know what else to say
by geoff March 09, 2003
a female's breasts
oh snap that chicks got some monstrous golden orbs
by Geoff May 29, 2004
1. A gamer with elite skills in the catagories of gameplay exercised.
2. To be elite in a catagory of gaming.
Kommando is so leet in Half-Life mods.
voogru is absolutly kommando at ns_eclipse.
by Geoff August 25, 2003
to say hi or sup, or to be exited
by geoff March 09, 2003