i love u... get it?
8 letters
3 words
1 meaning
"shout out to scott! 831 babe!"
by jaydee April 08, 2003
Monterey Bay Area, CenCoast California.
Yo, those cats in the 831 have sav parties.
by KingArthur June 18, 2005
8 letters. 3 words. 1 meaning...i love you
used at the bottom of a text or email

"catch ya later babes 8.3.1"
by ilainie January 10, 2008
831 Monterey, California
Bay area.
831 men R pimpin
831 ladies R fine
by Jay Cee 831 August 06, 2007
Santa Cruz County...it is heavily disputed as to whether or not Santa Cruz is part of the YaY Area and Nor*Cal...

but it is indeed part of the YaY according to Wikipedia...and when have they been wrong?

thats right, the answer is NEVER
The YaY Area
by O. Xavier Smith, III aka Xavier November 10, 2006
831 meaning "I LOVE YOU" if your that lazy to just type 'i love you' so you just use numbers
slut-oh darling bitch 831
whore-oh darling bitch 143
by rawr March 28, 2005

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