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Just another name for a steamroller. Usually a long glass tube with the bowl in the middle, and the other end open. Cover the end when smoking, then to clear let your hand off.
We got pretty ripped earlier. We used the shabong!
by Diamondbackboy07 September 14, 2006
Derived from the Atlanta-based term chalet, a shabong is a water pipe used to smoke Meth. Shabongs are favored for their ability to produce massive rips, much like the classic marijuana bong. Other benefits of the shabong are, but are not limited to:

1) the water can become quite infused with Meth, making it the perfect booty bump, or can even be dried back out into crystals.
2) the cooling effect of the water makes it almost impossible to inhale burnt, nasty tasting vapor.

Typically a shabong is constructed of a bent chalet, and a classic bong body, or makeshift body (sometimes a plastic bottle will do).
Billy had a six foot shabong at his orgy.

Bob's shabong is made out if a Gatorade bottle. So trashy, but his 12 inch dick makes up for it.
Where's the shabong, bitch? I stayed up all night again.
by Atlfun1 November 11, 2015
Meaning "okay" or when your pissed and you have nothing else to say you can just use shabong!
" what the shabong is she wearing"

person 1: "you look ugly"
person 2: "uh shabong?"
When in a street fight, if you 'Shabong' your opponent first, by the laws of street fight, you automatically win. Shabong, is using a bong, to smash it around your opponents face and splats hash in their eyes.

Then you shout "Shabong!!!!!!!!!" and are crowned street champion.
Dude, i totally shabonged that guy last night, yeah you should of seen it, the bong litterally exploded in his face.

I reckon rambo should use the art of shabonging when he fights
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
Retard Irish Women
Dman when i was a tthe bar i met Shabong
by G-Unit April 27, 2003
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