26 definitions by G unit

noun used to describe an extreemely fine lady
when a hot girl walks by, you add a little tune to the word and say "Bow Chica BOW-WOW"
by g unit March 10, 2003
When a kid named Max (who no1 knows) comes out of no where and suprises you.
Dude you just got sharked.
by G unit October 25, 2004
when one has taken it up the butt so much their ass hole has become more tender then chicken boiled for over an hour
my buttbuddy, thanks to me, has some tender chicken
by g unit December 28, 2004
knuckle up if you are buck wild

crime mob, nigga.

put your brass knuckles on and fight if you are buck wild
knuc if you buc you po ass nigga
by g unit March 16, 2005
what dumb cunts wear, providing easier acces which allows the dumb cunts to have sex 10 times faster
Bill wears a mini skirt in jail
by g unit April 09, 2004

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