26 definitions by G unit

the best person ever

see also: gangsta, boner syle, shmag, g unit
o snap! bman c is comin for you
by g unit April 26, 2003
an Iranian bad dude that loves Terrel Owens and who plays badminton
come in for dinner farbod
by g unit March 01, 2005
1. a person who one commonly dances, reads with, or otherwise associates with on a regular basis.

2. an exclusive relationship of dancing, reading, listening to records, going to Shop N Save, and enjoying each other's company.
Katie: Greg, will you be my ghetto deal?

Greg: Fo sho! You'd be the best ghetto deal ever, yo!
by G Unit February 08, 2004
diherra that has everything that you ate for dinner in it.
My trip to the bathroom had chicken broth involved.
by g unit October 08, 2004
a poo that shoots straight out of your ass and into the toilet.
Josh just had a sharpshooter.
by g unit October 08, 2004
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