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When you get a blow job on the toilet while taking a crap
Last night when I was pinching a loaf, I got Blunkins from Jenny.
by Fred July 22, 2003
Same ole shit, Different day
See also S.S.D.D.
1 "How's it goin'?"
2 "SOSDD!"
by Fred January 19, 2003
Krapalaska is a word derived from the Finnish word "Krapulapaska" which describes the shit you take the day after a night of heavy drinking.
Damn man, I have to take a huge krapalaska right now!
by Fred April 12, 2004
person who always goes mad when u take pictures of him
me "say cheese"
purdie "i keel you!!"
by fred January 11, 2004
a good all-over sucking, licking, wanking and fucking that is needed regularly to ensure correct running of the male body.
Hiya babe - I need a bollocks service!
by fred May 04, 2003
One who sucks, strokes, or otherwise works the dome of another man's penis until it "busts" out with a boatload of cum.
Dude, this gay porno I rented had a SHITLOAD of domebusters in it!
by Fred December 29, 2004
Similar to minger, but designed for describing geography teachers.
Mr Harrison is such a mingee.
by Fred September 25, 2003

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