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When you get a blow job on the toilet while taking a crap
Last night when I was pinching a loaf, I got Blunkins from Jenny.
by Fred July 22, 2003
Same ole shit, Different day
See also S.S.D.D.
1 "How's it goin'?"
2 "SOSDD!"
by Fred January 19, 2003
Krapalaska is a word derived from the Finnish word "Krapulapaska" which describes the shit you take the day after a night of heavy drinking.
Damn man, I have to take a huge krapalaska right now!
by Fred April 12, 2004
a good all-over sucking, licking, wanking and fucking that is needed regularly to ensure correct running of the male body.
Hiya babe - I need a bollocks service!
by fred May 04, 2003
person who always goes mad when u take pictures of him
me "say cheese"
purdie "i keel you!!"
by fred January 11, 2004
One who sucks, strokes, or otherwise works the dome of another man's penis until it "busts" out with a boatload of cum.
Dude, this gay porno I rented had a SHITLOAD of domebusters in it!
by Fred December 29, 2004
An "Ultra" version of standard. Dazman. Superior, more attractive, more intelligent than "dazman", only one "dazmanultra" is known to exist in the wild.
James Bond lost his job to a dazmanultra.
by Fred October 31, 2003
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