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a Beautiful latin girl with tan skin and an athlete.
That girl looks like a ligia
by Frances December 30, 2004
An offensive term for a Jewish dyke.
"Wow. That kyke dyke has a major unibrow. You should ask her out, you go for that kind of thing..."
by Frances April 23, 2004
1. The big assholes who dominate the mosh pit. Sometimes they only mosh with two or three people.
2. Little girls who pretend to mosh.
Shadwick is such a mosh fucker.
by Frances April 30, 2004
An in the closet lesbian. Obviously gay, but closeted none-the-less.
"Wow, she says she's straight? What a yikes dyke."
by Frances April 23, 2004
A straight girl who acts gay, not to be confused with a yikes dyke (a closeted lesbian).
"I asked her out, but it turns out she's just a sike dyke. Can't blame my gaydar for this one."
by Frances April 23, 2004
Preppy dyke who says "like" almost like, you know, like, ever other word?
"Dude, like, no way." "Yeah way, and if you say like one more time, I'll kick your booty, you stupid like dyke"
by Frances April 23, 2004
A lesbian actress or singer, (one who attracts the attention of others).
"Did you hear that mic dyke sing? Damn she has a good voice. Too bad you have a penis or you could ask her out."
by Frances April 23, 2004
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