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Sweat that forms around the top of one's ass crack. This sweat is uncomfortable and unsightly. Named after the crappy band, Hinder.
Last night while listening to some awful band, my ass crack formed an ocean of hinder.
by Fozter December 28, 2008
The dried seman that accumlates at the tip of man's urethra after sex. During the man's first post-coital urination, the urine stream will go in erratic, unpredictable directions until the cumplug is burst.
Woman: Why is there piss everywhere?

Man: Baby, it took forever to pop my cumplug after so much hot lovin'.
by fozter November 10, 2009
The uncomfortable surprise of toilet bowl water splashing upward against your genitals because your feces hit the surface like a meteor.
Today I had the worst case of toilet bowl blowback. Like my poop hit the Yucatan and killed dozens of toilet dinos bad. Sploosh.
by Fozter July 08, 2010
To kill one mime or a thousand. Or any number of mimes.
Sgt. Tom: "What happened here, Doctor?"

Dr. Jane: "Just your standard case of mimeicide. Nothing to worry about."
by Fozter June 25, 2009
A person possessing creative genius or morbid madness that spends hours thinking up words for Urban Dictionary. Often considered a smart ass.
Jim: "Where's Al, today?"

Joe: "He's been at his computer all morning 'thinking' up fucked-up words for UD."

Jim: "If he defines my name again I'm gutting him for being wonderwordkin."
by Fozter June 24, 2009
A person who is the sexual plaything for a man. Typically a young, nubile, naive girl.
"He's 42; she's 18. She's totally his cockpuppet."

"He played her like his little cockpuppet!"
by Fozter June 02, 2009
To shit on your partner's chest, wrap them in cellophane and then give them a hug. The heat of your feces produces a pleasant warming sensation. A hot karl, but just a few steps more.
Susan wanted to heat things up, so I gave her a warm karl.
by Fozter November 21, 2008

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