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An amazing song by Megadeth, easily one of their best songs. Mustaine's lyrics are genius.
We are the damned of all the world
With sadness in our hearts
The wounded of the wars
We've been hung out to dry
You didn't want us anyway
And now we're making up our minds
You tell us how to run our lives
by Chris Williams March 06, 2004
Possibly the most badass influencial metal album ever produced, thanks megadeth keep on whoopin ass!
The album youthanasia, by megadeth dave mustaine.
Youthanasia, is the shit
by eric n hutchinson October 26, 2007
Through the magic of movie make-up and CGI, an actor is made artificially younger, thus: youthanasia.
Jim: "Wow, seeing Arnie back as the Terminator was pretty cool."

Joe: "Yeah, they performed some mighty youthanasia on that old, meaty catcher's mit of a man."
by Fozter June 24, 2009
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