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To shit on your partner's chest, wrap them in cellophane and then give them a hug. The heat of your feces produces a pleasant warming sensation. A hot karl, but just a few steps more.
Susan wanted to heat things up, so I gave her a warm karl.
by Fozter November 21, 2008
A synonym for 'taint' or 'gooch,' a panus is the space between the penis/scrotum and anus - thus, the panus.
She rubbed my panus. Gently.
by Fozter November 21, 2008
Through the magic of movie make-up and CGI, an actor is made artificially younger, thus: youthanasia.
Jim: "Wow, seeing Arnie back as the Terminator was pretty cool."

Joe: "Yeah, they performed some mighty youthanasia on that old, meaty catcher's mit of a man."
by Fozter June 24, 2009

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