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Core voltage of a computer system, sometimes raised for overclocking (can get too hot) or lowered for cooling (can cause system to receive insufficient power). The vcore is the base voltage value to which the voltage of the separate connections are added: 3.3V, 5V or 12V. All these things together provide the system's power.
Don't set your vcore too low, the system might not even boot up.
by Fluid September 10, 2004
Latin phrase meaning "not twice for the same", a legal rule that states someone cannot be prosecuted twice for the same crime. This is usually implemented into legal procedure as double jeopardy.
The prosecution attempted to have the suspect prosecuted afterwards when they found new evidence, but this was impossible because of the ne bis in idem rule.
by Fluid September 01, 2004
A widely-researched phenomenon in the Middle Ages, phlogiston was thought to be an inherent substance in all things that could burn. When something was burned, phlogiston was visible in the form of flame, and was released into the air. In turn, people thought something would not burn without air because the air was already "full of phlogiston" and no more could be released into the air. In short, phlogiston was believed to be the substance that fire was made of.
These days, under influence of modern science, the concept of phlogiston is usually regarded as superstition.
by Fluid March 30, 2004

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