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'More than meets the Eye' This involves 2 'Transgenders' having anal sex.
God, someone brought a gay porno dvd by the house last night and it had 2 Transcornholers. Their names were 'Optimus Cum' and the other was 'Ultra Faggus'.
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
The vagina of any hot good looking red-headed Irish woman.
Roy, did you see that beautiful reporter Kelly O-Donnel on MSNBC yesterday? My god, I bet she's got a 'fresh red snapper'! Probably shaves it too!
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
Many years ago Father's would force his daughter to wear a chastity belt to prevent her from losing her virginity. Sometime during the Industrial Age the 'cunt opener' was invented. It was a device that hung on the wall developed by Black and Dekker. You would insert the woman upside down and she would spin around until she fell to the ground and the little magnet would retain the chastity belt.
Crap, her Dad padlocked a chastity belt on her!! Dudes, anyone got a 'cunt opener' on them?
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
That asshole you see everyday at your job that has his pants waist pulled all the way up to his tits. Example: Goober Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show.
Oh my God Brenda, Richard's wearing his nipple drawers to work again!
by Florida Sunshine November 13, 2009
'Desert Dick' or as it sometimes referred to 'SPGS' (Sandy Penis Gulf Syndrome) or PTDDD (Post Traumatic Desert Dick Disorder) first came into origin around the 1980s during the first Gulf War Conflict. It is the gradual build up of sand around the Penis glans from extended Desert winds and Sand Storms mostly experienced by U.S. male Soldiers. While it is not a malady that female soldiers can get, they are still affected by the Desert Dick Syndrome. During coitus with a male soldier the female soldier can sometimes be overheard stating, "Oh my God, that feels like Sandpaper! Do you have Desert Dick?" At that point you can simply ignore her, deny having Desert Dick, or simply give her a firm "Camel Punch" in the back of the head.
The 'Desert Dick' should never be confused with the 'Dessert Dick' which is entirely different but oft mispelled or mistaken. The 'Dessert Dick' involves gently laying the penis on a long boat-shaped bowl, adding strawberries, banana slices, some Cool Whip, and gently topping your nuts with nuts.
Man, I'm so tired of having Desert Dick. I could try soaking my penis but I heard that there's a sandstorm on the way so why bother??
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
One of many Australian guys screaming at you on the 1 minute TV infomercial asking you to buy their product. 'ONLY NOINTEEN-NOINTY-NOINE!! AN' THAS NAHT AHLL!!! IF YA' BWIE EET NOW WE'LL EVEN THRO' IN... My Question: Why in the fuck are they all from Australia?
by Florida Sunshine November 14, 2009
Normally an elegant glass for drinking Brandy but also a verb for the 'taint lover' in all of us.
Bob, you know that hot chick Heather? I fucked her all night and she forgot her panties when she left. I wore them on my head at home all day and 'snifter'
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009

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