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a homosexual hispanic male
yo Jose's cousin is a real fucking jalapeno stuffer
by fishrman July 17, 2003
to double fist your beers while getting fucked up
last night I was drinking and I felt like I was back in the wild wild west cause i was pulling back the reings
by fishrman July 17, 2003
one who goes through long periods with out making someone laugh
yo that fucker Phillip is a Camel he hasn't made us laugh in ages
by fishrman July 17, 2003
the flaky crust that grows on the bottom of someones underware when they haven't changed them for a long period of time
Yo that fucker Phillip has some mad Frosted Flakes on his draws I think he shits himself and never wipes
by fishrman July 17, 2003
games that homosexuals play
I bet those two faggots go home and sword fight all night
by Fishrman July 17, 2003

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