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A Ford Explorer
must be talking about the tires
by FederalQ2 July 03, 2004
see "Chicken Hawk".
Some bommer baby "intellectual" who sleazed himself out of serving in Vietnam, but 30 years later is way too eager to send somebody else to war. They have two other distinguishing charicteristics.
1) When they start trouble they call it "pre-emptive strike. When the sand niggers do thje same thing they call it "jihad."
2) Even tghough they were too yell themselves to go to Vietnam, they have the balls to call Vietnam vets who question them (like john Kerry) "traitors"
Flaming hypocrytes!!
by FederalQ2 March 09, 2004
A dog turd
Watch yer step!!
by FederalQ2 March 05, 2004

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