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A Ford Explorer
must be talking about the tires
by FederalQ2 July 03, 2004
1.) One who prematurely ejaculates
2.) The nickname for the 90's Ford Explorers, because, according to Ford haters, they are a worthless p.o.s. that always breaks down or explodes, which is not necessarily true.
1.) Girl: Yeah I was about to have sex with my boyfriend, until I realized he was an exploder

2.) Guy 1: Hey checkout that Ford Exploder! What a piece of sh!t!
Guy 2: Atleast my Exploder is movin unlike that Blazer sitting on blocks over there.
by scotty_scotland October 26, 2010
when someone gives oral sex with pop rocks (the candy) in their mouth at the same time.
(usually getting your dick sucked)
OMG Jenny, I gave my boyfriend the best exploder he's ever had.
by TheOralMaster August 08, 2011
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