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it is a latin name called lucky, but also known as sexy fuckin' girl
do you see that girl? she is a total felisha.
by fefe October 28, 2004
german word for first
your last name's first?
by fefe October 28, 2004
Two flamboyant men who enjoy anal sex.
Conor and Mai are my favorite butt pirates!
by FeFe March 16, 2005
a stinky wet pussy that is super meaty and juicy.
my pussy is getting wet! so my boyfriend's cock can freely move because it is already slippery! awwwww!
by fefe October 27, 2004
what you want not what other people want
look at u looken all casual
by fefe December 27, 2002
hot mama
Look at that fefe.
by FeFe June 06, 2003
that car crunk
by fefe December 27, 2002
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