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a filipino-ilonggo word for vagina
me and marjori fucked last nyt after we're done her bilat was so loose
by xslash3r February 27, 2009
a filipino (cebuano/visayan) word for pussy/vagina
Bing said to him,

"Oh Josue, I love it when your daku oten goes in my bilat."

Bing said to him,

"Oh Josue, I love it when your big dick goes in my pussy."
by Indianano September 04, 2009
a word that cheapo, crappy, classless, sleazy, rubbish, sick fuck, cheesy people LOVE to define.
Just like the worthless freaks, beggarly bastards and scury sluts that define that totally trashy word in here.
by you're a dork October 20, 2004
a word that isiah marvin ang defined. he keeps on defining annoying words that nobody even uses except his stupid self.
isiah: hmm...i'm bored, i think i'm gonna go to to define some stupid word.
friend: no, you're spamming the website!
isiah: it doesn't matter, they wouldn't know it's me.
friend: you know what you're doing is wrong.
isiah: shut your fucking mouth, i'm a stupid person and you cant stop me! hahaha!
*isiah defines even more stupid words*
by trucka hat February 25, 2005
a stinky wet pussy that is super meaty and juicy.
my pussy is getting wet! so my boyfriend's cock can freely move because it is already slippery! awwwww!
by fefe October 27, 2004
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