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Slang for rims. The visible and shiny part of a wheel that supports a vehicle's tires.
Yoooo dude I just copped this sick all black brand new Audi. You know that means I gotta murder it out with some ill moosehoops!

When I drive by you'll know because my 22 inch moosehoops will be spinning.

Wash those muddy ass moosehoops son!

You're such a moosehoop.
by Fact June 19, 2011
noun - slang for one's home, or crib.
Baller: Whassup baby you wanna come over to my igloo?
Female: Huh?
by Fact February 13, 2004
A noun used to describe an event or get-together, typically on a Friday night, when things just get really insanely poppin. In order for an event to qualify for the Ice Brizzles title, there must be excessive drinking of alcohol, marijuana consumption, and removal of female clothing. Girlfriends are to be left at home, cell phones are to be turned off, and madness is meant to ensue.
Setting: Binghamton, New York

Vou: Yo this shit is crazy right now!
Hat: Word dogs, chocolate syrup is the shizzle!
Random white girl: Hey, I haven't gotten my titties sucked in about 3 minutes.
Pleg: You know, I never breastfed when I was a kid.
by Fact February 12, 2004
An adjective used to describe someone who has smoked large quantities of arboles. You cannot be blazini if you are either sober or sensible.

Root word: blaze
Pothead: Yo I am blazini right now!! Cheffy hits hard!
by Fact February 12, 2004
A person, friend, or compatriot. Note: only to be used after "Whats poppin"
Yo! Whats poppin' sloppin?!
by Fact February 12, 2004
A proper name given to a man who continuously betrays the trust of his significant other, and excels at it. King Popalop not only looks to cheat, he makes cheating an art, leading others to ask: "Does he know how to do anything besides cheat on his wife/girlfriend?"
Setting - a bar

Bob: Where did Bill go?
Fred: I don't know he was just talking to some girl by the bar.
Bob: I wonder where he is. I'll call his cell phone.

Bill's cell phone: Ring. Ring.

Bill: Yo Bob, whats goos?
Bob: You tell me whats goos. Where you at?
Bill: In this girl's crib right now, with eleven of her girlfriends.
Bob: Yo you are King Popalop right now!
by Fact February 12, 2004
Spanish for trees, as in marijuana.
Fact: We should get some arboles.
Lexicon: Should we then smoke those arboles?
Maze: What else would you do with the arboles, asshole?
Gadfly: I'm a cracker.
by Fact February 12, 2004

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