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possessing the arrogance, self-importance and I-am-God mentality of an executive or sous chef; a diva.
He demanded a public introduction at the wine dinner, then showed up an hour late; he's so cheffy!
by Sam4240 April 30, 2009
When someone goes through a 30 pack of Easy-Mac in less than 2 weeks, then proceeds to make Chef-Boyardee Mac & Cheese only to stink up the room like bacon and shit.
Yo Cheffy, what the fuck is that smell?, Oh man nothing i ran out of Easy-Mac so im making Chef-Boyardee instead.
by supmannothinchillin June 05, 2009
cheffy is the name given to a boy who behaves like your friend one minute and then acts like a disgusting cunt the next . the use innopropriate language and often present vile sexual advances.
cheffy: hey ! <3 how has your day been ? xx

friend: hiya , its been good lol !<3 x what have you been up to ?

cheffy: smashing your back doors in is what ive been doing ;-)

friend:ugh you make my skin crawl you pathetic cunt sort your life out .
by cuntbreath June 29, 2011
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