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2 definitions by FParmy02-07

Golfing on any golf course while ignoring most of the rules and etiquette of the sport. While Street Golfing players will most likely not keep score, chew tobacco, drink a lot, piss a lot, drive carts into woods looking for golf balls and get stuck, and do what ever the hell they want. If a player does not like their shot they will just drop another ball and play that one. A golf course will never appreciate a Street Golfer because basically they ruin the sport for people who A) are good and wish to remain uninterupted, or B) not good and are bitches about everything.
Frank: Lets go play some Street Golf.
Me: ...why not, nothing better to do.
by FParmy02-07 May 06, 2011
Recreational tournament style paintball on fields that may or may not be in good condition. Typically its run like a practice but less formal. Players from random teams will get together to forum one team.
Tom: Hey Carl there is no practice this week right?
Carl: Nah man everyones got shit to do.
Tom: What to go hit up some Street Ball then?
by FParmy02-07 May 06, 2011