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v.- An answer to many a question. It's meanings are as follows:

1. Yes
2. Here
3. There
4. No
5. Man/Woman

It is usually uesd at the end of a sentence to fill in where the above words are used.
1. "Neyah Kitty these are my Louisiana Baked Chicken Tenders!" - Cartman (South Park)

2. "Hey neyah, look over neyah."

3. "Sure thing neyah."
by Foamy July 01, 2004
Noun.- The greatest of all sports reporters in New England. Knows EXACTIALLY what to say at EXACTIALLY the right time. A major crowd pleaser, and big Red Sox fan, he played for them too as a second baseman from 1978-1984 with a career .307 batting average.
"All hail the Rem-Dawg! We love the Rem-Dawg!!!"

"Rem-Dawg and Orzilla are anchormen to NESN's Boston Red Sox Baseball broadcast's."
by Foamy July 27, 2004
A verb form of fuck you.
Jenny hates Tom because he grabbed her ass.
by Foamy March 01, 2005
Bugers. You know the little green blobs that idiotic kids eat.
My son Bobby likes to pick his nose nugets.
by FOAMY May 05, 2005
The flipin thing u crap in dumb a**!!
I gotta use the poop pot.
by FOAMY May 05, 2005

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