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v.- An answer to many a question. It's meanings are as follows:

1. Yes
2. Here
3. There
4. No
5. Man/Woman

It is usually uesd at the end of a sentence to fill in where the above words are used.
1. "Neyah Kitty these are my Louisiana Baked Chicken Tenders!" - Cartman (South Park)

2. "Hey neyah, look over neyah."

3. "Sure thing neyah."
by Foamy July 01, 2004
A girl with much swagg , she stays on top of her trends . Shes a dancer . She has a bad attitude and hates stuck up people but she is also loving and the perfect girlfriend
Neyah is an amazing young lady
by Diamondswagg January 03, 2012
a verb used when your vocal chords go in high pitch while doing the shimmy so that you get the effect of a girl having a seizure, not laughing.
He did the neyah becasue her boobs were so fuckin huge.
by kyle fo real December 28, 2004
word sounding best while doing the shimmy. Josh and Kyle are the best at doing this.
After josh scored the game winning touchdown he neyahed very loudly.
by j fort February 05, 2005
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