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The sexual act of tying a passed out girls hands and feet behind her back and having anal sex with her.
My girlfriend passed out last night, and I gave her the old baked chicken.
by Matt Thackston April 26, 2008
When your girl is laying naked on her back with her knees pulled up to her chest she is in the baked chicken position.
I came home from work last night and found my wife had prepared the baked chicken so I provided the stuffing!
by almondhead June 26, 2015
A sexual position in which the woman is on the bottom and resembles a baked chicken on it's back. Her legs are supported by the man's arms, at the elbows. This position is also know as the wheelbarrow, double hucklebuck, the BC, the Boston College, and the Doug Flutie
Last night I put Latisha in the Baked Chicken and she came like a wild donkey on meth.
by griffcopter July 18, 2011
Usually a female, while laying on her back with her arms and legs drawn up like the limbs on a baked chicken.
After doing it doggie style, my girlfriend turned over on her back into the baked chicken.
by PooperScooper September 24, 2003
When the fenale is on all fours knees and elbows bent while wearing ankle socks and primed for rear entry.
I turned Suzie over into the baked chicken and crammed my rod in her ass!!!
by Stinky Pete September 27, 2003
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