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Used when rather, but not extremely, confused by a situation, or object.
What in the hell is that kid doing?
What in the hell is that?
#what in the hell #what the fuck #what the shit #what in gods name #waht in teh hel
by bitchesandhoestoyourmother November 10, 2010
What one says when he is confused, puzzled, perplexed and or mindfucked. Is synonymous with the highly used "What the hell?"
"What in the hell just happened?"

"What the hell is that monkey doing fucking that dog like that?"

"What in the hell does that jew think he's doing trying to haggle that black man from his drug money?"

"What in the hell is going on?"

"What in the hell time is it?"

"What in the hell did you just do?"

"What in the hell? Why would you accuse me of fucking that transexual hooker by the pool at the sleezy motel?"
#what the hell #what the hell? #what in the hell #what the fuck #mindfuck
by Cap'n Dipshit February 22, 2012
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