66 definitions by Erik

to leave somewhere, a suggestion to depart
you wanna go? Let's dip.
by Erik August 12, 2003
The area between a woman's belly button and vagina. This area usually is a fat deposit that sticks out. A merge of "gut" and "cunt."
She has a huge gunt.
by Erik August 06, 2003
dildo wrapped in pot that you suck - see also: Firetruck
mmmm... pot-dildos!!
by erik February 21, 2005
It's kind of like the holocaust, but they are to cowardly(or "yellow") to actually kill the jews, so they just make fun of them from a car as they drive by doing 80.
My friend and I drove by the synagogue and committed a yellocaust.
by erik September 08, 2004
a john, a toilet, a crapper
after jim's 21st birthday, he spent all night with his head over the updike
by Erik October 06, 2003
The act of being so gay and stupid and not funny and extremely.. gay
My friend just put dog poop in my pair of snazzy sneakers, that was meo gay.
by Erik January 02, 2004
a person with a troll fetish
Why is he staring at my trolls? Because hes a T-rav!
by Erik February 02, 2005
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