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an extremist architecture student at VT, commonly associated with yellow trace paper and sleep deprivation.
Chel, it's time to go to sleep.
by Erik April 11, 2004
When a person gets two dicks in the same hole which makes the two dicks form a teepee as they rub together.
Guy#1 "Man we TeePee'd her hard last night!"
Guy#2 "Yeah, I think I got a burn..."
by Erik January 30, 2005
Similar to other definitions, the bucking bronco is when you are fucking your girl doggy style, you then make a smart comment(ex. "I have AIDS" or "Your sister was better" and see how long you can stay on for.
You are banging a random chick you met that night, doggy style. While it's all goin on you whisper in her ear,"I have AIDS," then let the ride begin and see how long you can stay on that bucking bronco for.
by Erik June 18, 2006
A word you say when you totally stay numb under when it happens.
Hooray, another rainy day
by erik December 17, 2003
when u rub ur balls after they get swety n then rub ur hand on sumones face
shit dude if u sont shut th ehell up im gonna nutmeg u
by erik March 17, 2003
To shave something. May be used at any time, for any purpose.
* moh rakar jayzon
<jayzon> Fear j00 w00t sk1llz
by Erik August 04, 2003
someone killing people while the killed one is eating
-grwns, gwsrfewrfds OH NO A CERIAL KILLER AAAAAAAAAHH!!!
by erik June 27, 2004
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